Karl Schlamminger

It was almost 20 years ago when I first met Mostafa Dashti in Iran. I recall him being driven by restless seeking soul, much like his brother Ali. In his paintings he tended to avoid sentimentality; a trait so pervasive in Iranian art in general and Persian poetry in particular.

Resisting the tradition of depicting objects and figures in Persian painting, he sought forms for his personal expression in the "necessity of time". He perseverance combined with his talent helped him find his way and led to the creation of mysterious and impressive works of art.

The works the middle class dismisses as "accidental" are by no means created "by chance". On the contrary, as time passes, his understanding of the requirement of color and form grows; therefore he lets them be as they want to be.

The paintings he created between 1986 and 2003 were essentially inspired by his birthplace in the desert of Iran; landscapes powerfully made into painting. Since then, his works have become somehow light. In them, up and down, front and back, weight and weightlessness, an water and air lose their convectional and established meanings. Their creation is neither based on motifs nor are they intended to convey any moral lessons; these creations simply follow the rules of the image itself.

I eagerly look forward to the future metamorphoses of his creative and courageous artist

Karl Schlamminger
January 2006